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An Intoduction to the Mojito

As a young adult entering the workforce, you will find that networking will play a critical part in your career growth. Networking is just as valuable as skills and experience. So how does networking occur for adults? Generally speaking alcohol plays a large role in it. Many professionals will go out to a Happy Hour event or other similar social events in order to make connections. At these events it is important to have a sophisticated understanding of alcoholic beverages. The drinking activities during college do not adequately prepare you for this kind of drinking. Enter the Mojito Mama. She will teach you to make one of the most beloved drinks in the world. Understanding how to make a drink is essential in truly appreciating the quality of flavors the drink contains. Allow the Mojito Mama to show you the ways of adulthood and increase your networking capabilities.

Here is an interview with a college senior discussing alcohol consumption in college.

About the Creator of this Site

My name is Jenise Araujo and I am a graduating senior at the University of Florida. As an emerging young professional I want to do everything I can to increase my likelihood of having a successful career. I understand that networking is important if I want to develop the right connections for my career. I am creating this site to help my fellow graduating seniors improve their chances for success as well. As the Mojito Mama I hope that all embrace the knowledge revealed in this website. Remember you must be at least 21 years old to make and consume alcohol. In no way am I am advocating underage drinking. This site is also not for commercial purposes. I am not claiming any ownership over brands or copyrighted material that appear on this site. The Mojito Mama wants to help ensure your future networking success so please subscribe to her YouTube channel.