Roommate Struggles 101

How to Clean
Just in case your roommate needs step-by-step directions

Just a Mess

With the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, cleaning becomes less of a priority, especially when there is no one to tell you to clean up after yourself. However, it should still be on your list of things to do at least once a week. This page is for the people who do not have a roommate that is not so concerned with hygiene, especially in shared spaces.

Kiana, University of Florida

“My roommate was always leaving dirty dishes around, and almost never took out the trash. I hated every minute of it. I would ask her to clean up, but if she never did I would just politely keep asking until it got annoying.”

Kiana's solution

“Every time I confronted her about the mess, she got a little defensive, but we were still cool. However, the mess did not get any better, so I just put my things in a container in my room. It’s hard to dirty up dishes that you do not have.”

Y u no clean dishes
Everyone hates dirty dishes!

A suggestion from an RA, Alyssa, Florida State University

"I just make a light joke out of the situation. Originally, I just cleaned up after her...But, that got extremely old so I just made sure to pick up everything I did IMMEDIATELY after I did it so that I knew whatever was left out was hers. Once I started doing that, she started cleaning too. Also the more she gets to know me, the more anal she knows I am about a clean and organized apartment. So, for the most part anything messy she'll just take to her room. I also did a little reading on people helping their roomates remember to be cleaner in their shared living spaces by posting sticky notes on messes their roommates left behind."