Boggy Pong

Boggy Pong had a less than ambitious beginning at the University of Florida Baptist Collegiate Ministries.

Before diving in about Boggy Pong, a quick lesson what the BCM is.

The BCM is a campus ministry across the street from Library West on the University of Florida Campus.

It was established in 1917 and has long been a place where college kids come for a number of reasons.

Some come to learn about Jesus, some come to make friends and others simply come for the free food.

Picture of the BCM
A view of the University of Florida BCM

Well, in the early 1990s, before the rise of technology, college students used to pass the time playing ping pong in the BCM. However, as most know, ping pong is not a game that can be played by the multitudes.

It really is a two-person or sometimes four-person game.

As there were always a bunch of college kids hanging around, Boggy Pong eventually developed as a sport around 1991.

As the rest of the website will detail, Boggy Pong is a game that can be played my as many people as there are around.

Hence, it is a good game when there are a bunch of college kids looking to avoid going to class.

Picture of the BCM

About 10 years after the invention of Boggy Pong, the BCM began crowning a Boggy Pong Champion. Beginning in 2001, each Fall and Spring semester, students competed in a winner-take-all Boggy Pong tournament.

Since then, it has grown into one of the staples of the UF BCM and many other places around the world.