Boggy Pong

Boggy Pong is a pretty self-sufficient game.

However, there are a few requirements to play the game. Here they are, and some websites you can buy them from, just in case you do not currently own them.

Boggy Pong Paddles

Also, known as a ping pong paddle, can be bought in several locations.

Click here to travel to a site to buy Boggy Pong paddles.

The Boggy Pong paddle is a good start, and the link above has many options to choose from. Typically, there are two different types of paddles. There are hard paddles and soft paddles.

Hard paddles allow players to hit the ball, well, harder. There is generally less spin, so it is easier to direct a spike.

However, soft paddles allow for a more finesse game. Experienced players generally understand how to use spin and momentum to their advantage, which is where soft paddles come in handy. Of course, the net is a crucial part to Boggy Pong as well. Understanding the basic subtleties to hit shots that are difficult to return is the key to winning the game.

For more experienced Boggy Pong players, other supplies are available, too.

Click here for more Boggy Pong supplies.

For those who are looking to start from scratch, a table will be necessary, as well.

Technically, a ping pong table is not required. Boggy Pong has been played on picnic tables and other various tables, but for best results, a ping pong table with a large open area and a hard surface for a floor produces the best results.

Here is a website to purchase cheap ping pong tables.

The rest is up to you.