Boggy Pong

Since its inception at the UF BCM in the early 1990s, the game has grown and is now played in many other places around the Southeast United States. Particularly, the game is found in many college towns in Florida.

The UF BCM gets a number of visitors each year from other Collegiate Ministries in the region. When other college kids come to the BCM and are unfamiliar with the game, students from the UF BCM often take it upon themselves to teach others the game.

Also, students who graduate from the University of Florida, and who have spent time at the UF BCM, often take the game other places.

Some other colleges that now play the game include:

Avoiding a peg
A boggy player attempts to avoid a peg

Surely, other colleges play the game as well, but those were the only schools that could be confirmed.

What is unique about the game is that it is able to be shaped by location. The UF BCM has its own Boggy Room, but other schools convert libraries, studies, cafeterias and other rooms into places that Boggy Pong can be played.

Also, the rules may vary depending where the game is found.

Like most other great things, the longer Boggy Pong is around, the more places it will be found and the more the rules will continue to vary slightly to adjust for different situations.

If one thing is for certain, it is a hard game to "avoid."