Here are some links to extremely useful resources, both in terms of usefulness and actualy gameplay.

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Utilities and Community


    This is one of the largest RPG communities on the internet. It has an expansive forum, reviews of new RPGs and articles about RPGs.

  • RPGGeek

    This functions more as a database and a marketplace of RPGs, though there is also a strong community. Useful for finding out what books are in which edition of your game of choice.

  • DriveThruRPG

    An online store for purchasing RPGs. There are many products to choose from, from actual games to just plain radio shows.

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Major Companies

  • Wizards of the Coast

    The current publishers of Dungeons & Dragons and Gamma World.

  • White Wolf

    Publishers of World of Darkness, Exalted, Scion and many others.

  • Fantasy Flight Games

    Fantasy Flight mostly publishes board games, but they also publish the Warhammer 40,000 line of games.

  • Chessex

    Chessex is the best source of dice and game mats anywhere.

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Free Games and Applications

  • 4C System

    A superhero RPG based on an older Marvel superhero game.

  • Dark Dungeons

    An RPG based on the Basic edition of D&D. Everything you need is in one book.

  • Atomic Highway

    An original and easy to understand post-apocalypse game that shares some themes with the Mad Max series of films.

  • Stars Without Number

    A simple game designed to run space opera like adventures, and it includes useful tables if you are stuck for plot points.

  • Dice Roller

    A simple to use and understand dice roller if you don't feel like purchasing dice.

  • AutoRealm

    A mapping software that helps you lay out game worlds, dungeons, towns and more.

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