Birds? Birds?

It is important to remember that birds are delicate creatures and that they tend to be prey, so birds will fear you. Try not to encourage that fear by being a mean human :(


Please do not:

Come across a bird in trouble?

If you come across an injured bird or a baby bird while outside, you can help!

One of the first steps you should do is call the Florida Wildlife Commission for more detailed advice. You can reach the Northeast Regional Offices at 352-732-1225. For more contact information, please visit this site.

Meanwhile, pick up the injured bird with a towel and gently place the bird in a box with air holes. You can create air holes by punching some holes in the lid of the box. Do not place the towel inside with the bird! The bird's feet can get stuck in the towel.

As odd as it sounds, it is not recommended that you feed or give water to the bird. It is also important that you do not constantly lift the lid to check on the bird. It is incredibly stressful for the bird to see a giant stranger while injured.

While the bird recuperates, place the box with the bird in a warm, quiet location. Hopefully, the bird will have recovered in a few hours! If not, it is best to let the Wildlife Commission take over.