Tips and Safety

Road Trip Tips

Eating Right on the Road

One of the easiest ways to save money while on your road trip is to eat smartly.


Pack your own water or bring reusable bottles.

Splurge on local fruits from roadside stands.

If you're going to eat at a restaurant, breakfast is when you'll get the most bang for your buck.

Opt for baked potato chips to save tons of calories.

Pre-made sandwiches are the best option for lunch if stopping isn't an option.


The drive-thru should not be your main source of nutrients.

Don't grab a snack at every gas station stop you make. The dollars and the calories add up fast.

Think before giving the kids too much sugar. That energy usually turns into frustration and attitude if they are stuck in the car and can't burn it off.

Safety First

Before leaving, make sure you have any safety and accident equipment that might be needed out on the highways.

Also, be sure to have your car fully serviced before the road trip. This is the best way to prevent any break-downs in the middle of the trip. Having your tire pressure checked and your oil changed before the trip will also improve your car's gas mileage.

Must Haves

Road Flares


Flash Lights

First Aid Kit

Emergency Cell Phone Battery

Staying Entertained

Technology is so good at occupying ones time. iPads, MP3 palyers and portable DVD players are enough to keep you from looking up once during the road trip. These devices should be brought along if desired, but remember the trip is about the journey.

Alternative activities like coloring books and toys should be brought along for the kids. Chapter books and puzzles are good for slightly older children.

Group activities like sing-alongs and driving games can be some of the most fun. has a list of some of the best games.

The popular Honda commercial below is a perfect example of how fun group activities can be while on your road trip.

Capture the Memories

Keeping memories from your trip is probably on of the best things you can do for yourself and everyone on the trip. You will experience things on the road trip that you probably won't ever experience again.

Be sure one or more of you on the road trip has a camera with plenty of memory cards and a camcorder. Each person could also keep a personal journal of his or her experience of the trip to share or just to bring back all the memories later.