May I see your I.D.?

Being a student isn’t cheap, especially as tuition prices keep increasing, but we do get special benefits.


First and foremost, I would strongly suggest that even if you have a personal car, take the RTS busses as often as possible. Because as students, we do pay for the busses in our UF tuition, take advantage of the free rides.* Benefits include having a designtaed driver deal with traffic, saving on gas, and you get to squeeze in a little extra study time on bus rides.


Gator Nights

As nerdy of a reputation as it has, I strongly recommend attending a few Gator Nights on Fridays at the Reitz Union. They offer current, or recent movies, popcorn, drinks, midnight breakfast, crafts and special events every week for you and a guest. While you do pay a fee for this in your tuition as well, attending is free and worth taking advantage of.

RUB Entertainment

If that isn’t your scene, RUB Entertainment also plays movies and hosts events throughout the year. So far, I’ve visited Hogsmead, seen the band Ra Ra Riot perform, and got a pre-screening of Paranormal Activity 3 – all thanks to RUB Entertainment.

Florida Players

If you enjoy the theatre, the University's Florida Players put on plays throught the year as well. The quality of the student's performances are great, and you don't have to spend a penny.