CVS Pharmacy

Some of my favorite stores to shop at are those that offer special extra savings. CVS pharmacy is my favorite store because of their ExtraCare Rewards prorgram which allows for more than one way of saving.

As soon as you enter a CVS, there is a kiosk that allows you to scan your ExtraCare card and get special coupons – some offer free items with no purchase necessary. Card members also have access to special sales that will reward them with money back in the form of ExtraBucks Rewards, which are credits printed at the end of receipts that can be applied to future purchases at CVS pharmacy. With almost every purchase, you save up two percent of that purchase to your card. The money you save up gets printed out as ExtraBucks Rewards four times a year.

I also recommend investing in a Green Bag Tag for only one dollar. The tag is scanned everytime you shop and use your own reusable bag. The best part is that every four times the card is scanned, you get one ExtraCare buck back. If you take advantage of all of the deals CVS pharmacy has to offer, the card will surely pay itself off in no time.


For groceries, my favorite place to shop is Publix. Although you can find fresh foods cheaper elsewhere, they do offer a variety of savings opportunities without requiring any sort of membership. Some of their better promotions include “Buy one, get one free” and “Buy their’s, get ours free” where you purchase the brand name food, and get the generic Publix brand for free.

The Publix stores in Gainesville all have their best deals of the week displayed in bins or shelves as soon as you enter the store. While most of these deals are beneficial, don’t forget to compare it to other products just incase. Sometimes, the generic brand will still be cheaper than the sale price.

Also make sure to take a peak at their weekly ad insert which can be found in a display as soon as you enter the store or online. Keep an eye out for special promotions in the mail or attatched to these ads. They occasionally mail out five dollars of a $30 or $50 throughout the football and holiday seasons as well.

If you like planning out your shopping trips in advanced like I do, check out the save here section of their website. Here they have a shpping list maker, extra coupons, and the weekly ad. *

Dollar Tree

One of the most fun, but inexpensive places to shop is Dollar Tree, where everything is at most dollar. At the Butler Plaza location I’ve spotted brand name make-up, cell phone covers, wine glasses, and brand name cleaning products. I recommend getting dish soap and kitchen utensils here, but invest in good quality paper towlels, batteries, medicine and the like. This is also a great place to pick up snacks for finals or roadtrips, but be cautious and always check for expiration dates.

Stores and Savings


A few of my favorite restaurants to eat at with great, cheap food:

Mother's Pub and Grill - $2 Burger night every Wednesday

Chik-fil-a on Archer Rd. - Buy One Get One Free chicken sandwiches and free bingo every wedensday

Flaco's- $2 tacos (Thur-Fri)