Welcome to Gators Saving Money

This student run website will guide through easily saving money as a student in Gainesville, Florida. There are many easy, time sensitive ways to save money as a student, which includes couponing. Hopefully, finding savings become easy and fun to find.

As you read over the following pages, realize that saving is a combination of all of the methods discussed in Gators Saving Money. For instance, you might find some tips under the “Freebies” page that overlaps with “couponing.”

About Me

I’m a first year student at the University of Florida, but have been an avid saver for over two years. As a Gator, I know that we have little leisure from school work and we wouldn’t want to waste that time clipping hundreds of coupons.The great thing about looking for savings in Gainesville is finding the plethora of savings aimed directly at students. Saving has become a hobby for me, and I'm glad to share what I've found in Gainesville.

On Campus Tips

There will also be various interview clips with fellow Gator Hannah Bernat and her insights as a saver.

Go Gators!