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I am currently a senior at the University of Florida studying journalism. I love crafts, and knitting has quickly become my favorite, but it is just a hobby. I hope to be a music journalist when I graduate, writing for a magazine or website that covers bands, their tours, concerts, and albums.

Getting Knitty with it

Before you can learn to knit, you must learn to cast on. All projects begin with a slip knot, and casting on stitches. This is a video that I first learned to cast on with. I find videos and books with photos are the easiest to learn from when starting out.

Cast on

There are two basic types of stitches when it comes to knitting. Once you know those two, you can teach yourself more complicated stitches. The more difficult stitches are just variations of the Knit stitch and the Purl.

Knit Stitch (left) _____ Purl (right)


What a cast on, knit stitch and purl stitch should look like:

Cast on:

cast onYour cast on should look exactly like this. The cast on is so universal, it doesn't change.

Knit stitch:

knit stitchThe knit stitch looks similar to a V, or an upside down heart.

Purl stitch:

purl stitchThe purl looks more round and almost seems to twist throughout your work.