Equipment and Costs

Twirling competitively requires certain equipment. It's important to know what equipment is required and to know about how much it will cost.

Pageant Dresses

Note: Entry fees, hotel rooms, food and gas costs are not listed, as they are relative. More entry fee information can be found on any of the organizations pages: DMA, NBTA, USTA.

Batons: $30/each
Baton Grip Tape: $5/roll
Baton Shoes: $37
Tights: $16
Costumes (Strut and Solo): $200 - $600/each
Pageant Dress and Heels: $150 - $1,000
Hair Spray: $5
Hairpiece (optional): $5-$10
Make-up: $50-$100

Please also note that these are estimations.

Other equipment and accessories are available online, at competitions, and elsewhere, but they are not required.