Learn about what it takes to get involved in competitive baton twirling!

Competitive Baton Twirling

Competitive baton twirling is a sport for those who wish to take their twirling to another level.

It varies from field twirling in that field twirling is intended to impress crowds, which may or may not require improved skill, and competitive twirlers are routinely judged on a variety of things such as: difficulty of tricks, speed, precision, execution, flexibility, fluidity, etc. These scores tell them in what areas they need to sharpen their skills and inspires them to do so.

Competitive twirling offers many opportunities for twirlers to compete against other girls in both solo and group events and can be done individually or with a group.

This site is intended to introduce you into the world of competitive baton twirling, so that you may understand better what it is and what is required of the twirler and parent.