Change the sweater
without scissors

shorten a long sweater

To shorten a sweater, you just need a belt, an elastic band or a clip.

1.Raise the hem of the sweater toward the collar.
2.Use a belt to pinup the hem and the collar together.
3.You can also tie the belt around your neckline to create a new sweater collar.( See picture on the right.)
Never forget the inside of your clothes. The grey skirt has a lovely dotted version inside it. ( See the picture on the left for inspiration)

add collar to sweater

Change a sweater to scarf without scissors

If you are a "scarf person" like me, here is a little trick to turn all of your sweaters into scarves.
1.Raise the hem of the sweater to the neckline and fold the sweater in the middle.
2.Put on the folded sweater.
3.Use the sleeves to create the ruffled pattern on the right.
You can turn all of your tops, including vest, sweater and shirt into scarves with the similar trick. Don't fence in your creativity.

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