ONE skirt, FIVE styles without scissors

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Style 1

How do you change a skirt into a long dress?
Just pull it up to your chest, then use a belt to fasten it. Make some ruffles as decorations when you tie up the belt.

Style 2

How do you change a skirt into single-sleeve dress?
Pull the skirt up to your neck, and stretch one arm outside the skirt. Then use a clip to pin up the hem under your arm to create a new sleeve.

Style 3

Do you want to create a poofy skirt?
Raise two-thirds of your skirt above your waist and use a belt to tie around your waist. Pull one-third of your skirt out of the belt as the skirt's flare.

Style 4

Want a decent dress with high waistline?
As with Style 1, pull the skirt up to your chest, then tie the belt high around your waist. You can unzip the zipper a little and fold it as a low neckline.

Style 5

This is how the original skirt looks.
If your are bored with the normal way to wear the skirt, you can wear a charming top with an off-shoulder neckline.

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