Christianity has been a part of the foundation of the University of Florida and dates back to the earliest incarnations of what we now know as the most prestigious university in the state of Florida.

This dates back to 1853 when the East Florida Seminary School opened for the first time in Ocala, Florida before moving to Gainesville in 1866. This is when the journey to becoming the University of Florida that we now know and love began.

With Christianity deeply involved in the creation of this great institution for higher learning, it is no surprise that Christianity is still very common on campus, housing approximately 40 Christian student organizations.

Unfortunately for many on the outside looking in, the foundation of the university resembles nothing of the current state of the university. In fact, many college students find it difficult, if not impossible to remain steadfast in their faith while in college.

The reality for the majority of Christian students is that college is a time to have fun and create life-long memories and in order to do this, one must put aside their faith until graduation.

The truth of the matter is that it is extremely easy and possible to have fun and create memories in college without participating in those activities that have become common in college (drinking, smoking, sex, etc.)

Don't worry this is not a gimmick, or a bunch of fluff but a compilation of stories, tips, and advice on how to remain a firm believer and even grow in your relationship with God while in college.

This is real, true, and proven. Used properly this will become your best friend. This is the Handbook: How to Survive as a Christian Student at the University of Florida.

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