Observation of China College Fashion

When you step into any colleges in China, you can find that there are various dressing styles. As most of the boys in China are not so keen in fashion, it's hard to tell which style of dressing they wear. However, things are different in Chinese girls. The dressing styles, or fashion trends of Chinese college girls can be divided into three categories: the Japanese style, the Korean style and the American/European style.

Japanese Style

japanese style

The predominant Chinese college fashion is ‘Japanese style’. The significant feature of this type of style is a combination of cute and bizarre or we say ‘kawaii’ in Japanese. If you see a college girl in gothic clothes, extremely complicated hairstyle and “weird” tights, or wearing Hello Kitty T-shirt with a pink backpack, there is no doubt that she’s following the Japanese style. The popularity of the Japanese style is actually following the better relationship among China and Japan because of the frequent cultural communication.

Korean Style


Then the next popular college fashion style arises along with the popular Korean TV series. The Chinese even created a local word ‘Hanliu' for this special fashion trend. A key word can describe this Korean fashion style: the Girl Next Door. This style means sweet, comfortable, good looking but not so exaggerated as the Japanese style. Girls always wear dresses and carry a little elegant hand bag or wear nice high heels. Instead of being sexy and overly cute, girls in this style seem more approachable to others.

American and European Style


Last but not least, there's the American and European style. This trend has a longer history than the Japanese and Korean style because of the popular TV culture from the U.S. However, the majority of college girls in China do not adopt this style because Chinese girls have different body shapes from the Western people. You can find that college girls who have preference for this style are mostly tall and thin like models. They wear simple outfits, such as white shirts, super mini shorts to show their slim figures or huge coats to express their arrogance.