Fashionista Combining Chinese Fashion and American Fashion

Keywords: Mix and Match, Layers

"I love to mix up different styles. This skirt is from Urban Outfitters and it goes well with different kinds of T-shirts and tops. My jeans jacket is from China. I am crazy about nice bags because it will brings out your outfit. Today, my bag is from Balengacia".

"Comfortable clothes would be my first choice. I like boyish style, but I still want to bring out the cute side of me. Therefore, I always go with loose shirts and tight T-shirts. And I love shorts, but not jeans. Usually I would highlight one item of the outfit. Today, I choose to emphasize my tights".


Tips: Packing your fashion to a foreign campus

1. Look at fashion blogs from the place you are going

Find outfit inspiration when you are packing. This will also help you see what is appropriate to wear there, as well as what is in style. So,if you are studying abroad in China, find more Chinese college styles and street fashion styles: Beijing Street Style; China Youth Watch

2. Don't bring anything you have never worn!

The last thing you want is to waste space on something that ends up being uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or simply unnecessary. Try everything on before you go.Be sure to stock up on your favorite brand name beauty products, as they may not be available overseas.

3. Bring along plenty of accessories

For example, jewelry, scarves, hats, and hairpieces–since you cannot bring lots of clothes, these will allow you to add something new and different to your looks.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever study abroad and want to report your college fashion observations? If so, leave some suggestions! Since I am studying abroad, I would love to hear your opinion! You can reach me on:facebook twitter mail