Observation of College Fashion Styles in China and America


I am a second-year public relations graduate students at University of Florida. I have always been crazy about fashion. Fashion is the air that I breath. Shopping is my favorite sport. When it comes to my personal brand, fashionable would be among the top 5 words that people use to describe me. I would love to start a career in the fashion industry as an international public relations professional.

However, as a Chinese college fashionista, I've experienced culture shock in American college fashion. In a campus full of T-shirts, extremely short shorts and flip-flops, how could my dresses, leather bags and high heels fit in? I am not the only one having trouble with American college fashion. My other UF Chinese friends talk about the disparity between college fashion in the U.S and China. Therefore, with a camera, a curious mind and with an eye of fashion sense, I want to record my observations of college fashion styles in China and in the U.S. This is the main purpose of my website. I also want to hear your opinions about college fashion.

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First, Let's have a glimpse about some college fashionistas in China and in America.

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