What You'll Need: Supplies

Where to Look

The Process: Steps 1-3

The Process: Steps 4-6

That's Unusual

The Preservation Process

Step 4

Pinned insect on lower tier of block

Now you're ready to label your insect. The next two tiers of the pinning block are used for labeling. The first and slightly larger label will include the insect's name, the county in which it was found and the date on which you found it. This label should be on the pin at the height of the second tier of the pinning block.

Step 5

Pinned insect with label

The second label, which will be near the base of it pin at the height of the lowest tier, will give the order and species of the insect. Full labeling guidelines are available from a variety of sources online (a quick Google search should be sufficient) and in entomology books available in your local library.

Step 6

Finished collection in box

Once you've arranged the insect and both labels on the pin, you're ready to put it in a box for display. Shadow boxes are available at craft stores (Michael's, etc.); the size of the box should depend on the size of your collection.