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Where should you look for insects?


"Bugs are everywhere," DeBari said. "They're in your pools, in your parks, in your lakes, in forests -- everywhere!" If you're on a mission for a specific kind of insect, Debari suggests doing some research to find out where specifically you should look. However, if you're just starting out, you shouldn't have to hunt too hard.

"I never realized how many bugs there were around me until I actually started to look for them," Debari said. "Once I did, it was really easy."

In the Gainesville, Fla., area where DeBari is a student, she recommends Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.

DeBari, who works as a lifeguard at a local YMCA, has discovered many of the insects in her collection in and around pools.

"Pools are great places to find bugs," she said. "Bugs are attracted to pools, and then they drown. I don't have to catch them; I just fish them out."