About Me

My love for pie started my freshmen year of college. After making the drastic transition from living at home and attending high school and living in a dorm with three other people and being in college, I was stressed, scared and altogether not handling it well. I was having trouble meeting people, making friends and feeling connected to my new life in Gainesville. At the end of what felt like the slowest semester of my education career, I finally started meeting other people, one of them being my dear friend Mitch. Mitch and I didn’t have much in common, except baking and the occasional television show, so finding things we could do together was difficult at the beginning. During our first round of finals, which were much more stressful than I anticipated, we decided to bake a pie to take our mind off school for a bit. We picked an apple pie as our first endeavor and decided to split the ingredients and meet up at my dorm right in the middle of exam week.

Chloe Cooking

The tedious process of making the perfect crust and peeling, slicing and dicing the apples was the perfect thing to take our minds off of what felt like our impending doom. The sweet product of our labor was just enough to raise our spirits and put us in a much better mental state before tackling the last our tests. Our pie gatherings worked so well that it soon became a routine whenever either of us were stressed, and I began to dread rough school weeks a lot less.

Unfortunately, Mitch, my pie-baking buddy, left UF after our first school year to do mission work in Guadalajara, Mexico, but my pie baking has only seemed to intensify since absences. With school getting harder and harder each semester, I seem to bake more and more. While at first I didn’t necessarily enjoy baking, I quickly found an outlet for sharing my escapades in the kitchen.

My first blog as a journalism student was centered on my pie baking. I would talk about the cooking process, my successful and failed attempts at certain recipes, and then bring the finished products to my classes. This not only gave me a purpose for my baking, but also an opportunity to focus my writing practice on a specific topic.

Though I don’t keep up with my blog as much as I should, or at all for that matter, I still try to incorporate my love for pie whenever I can.

Email me at Chloe.Oliveras@ufl.edu