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I'm Caitlin, an American girl who — disconnected with baseball in childhood after a bad pee-wee experience — became inexplicably attached to cricket. I like to blame it on my Australian friends (and a trip to Australia during which I watched but failed to understand the sport) and Indian films, particularly "Lagaan." You can read a little about my story with cricket and "Lagaan" here on one of my Indian film blogs.

In fact, if you've read this website and are still a little confused about cricket, I recommend watching a film featuring cricket, like "Lagaan," or watching an actual cricket match. Cricket — like most sports — is easier to understand when you can watch it.

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You can also follow me on Twitter, where I tweet about Indian film and sometimes cricket.

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About this site

If you're an American looking to understand the sport cricket (sometimes called baseball's lost twin), this is the website for you. From a fellow American who was once as confused as you are, you can learn the sport's basics, terminology, relation to baseball and a brief history.

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