Plan Ahead! Planning ahead saves a lot of time before actually filming. It causes less stress and helps the filming process go smoothly. Before shooting, make sure you know what your project is and what exactly you need to prepare before a shoot.

Step 1:

Get the creative juices going! Figure out what kind of video you want to make. For example: informational, entertainment, news, demonstrating, etc. Write a script that is understandable and descriptive. This not only helps the talent/actor in the video prepare to talk, but it also helps in the editing process.

Step 2:

Choose a cast if needed. Choose characters for the script or people who need to be interviewed if doing a news story. Also think about the production crew, like a cameraman or assistant to help carry equipment.

Make sure the actors/talents learn their lines before filming. The director and producer needs to tell them where to go and what to do before shooting the scene. In this scene for "Where's the Yard Sale?", the actors were told to look at each other with a confused face.

Step 3:

Location and time management is crucial to making a video. Think of places to shoot and what day and time before you actually film. Time is important because if the video is shot outside, make sure there is decent amount of light needed for the scene and that the weather does not interfere. Also keep in mind surrounding areas, don't shoot near a crowded place where there can be noise interference. If shooting indoors, make sure the location is available and not being occupied at the date and time of the shoot.

Location and Lighting
The location and time chosen for "Where's the Yard Sale?" was on a sunny day. Make sure to check the weather ahead of time before you go to the location to shoot.

Step 4:

Proper equipment is not necessary but can be helpful. Some equipments can include cameras, charged batteries, extension cords, microphones, lighting, props, and costumes. If you're making a simple video with an easy to use hand held camera, make sure the camera is fully charged and that there is enough memory to record the footage.