Having good footage is a must! You have to take account into several things while you are filming. You want to have the best footage so that you don't have to go back and film again if your footage ends up looking bad. You can edit or put in effects to fix movie clips, but the best way to prevent that is to be smart about filming.

Step 1:

Gather equipment, cast, script, and head to location.

Step 2:

Set up the scene and make sure the characters know their lines and where to move so that they are perfectly placed in the shot.

Character Placement
The producer told Actor 1 to pretend to strangle Actor 2 to bring a comedic feel about the problem of the Yard Sale. Actor 2 was told to put his hands on his neck and shake back and forth to emphasize the action.

Step 3:

Think about lighting and audio. Make sure the camera is facing the same direction as the main light source, that way the characters don't look too dark and look like silhouettes. Keep in mind the audio needs to be clear and understandable. Either have the microphone turned up or have the characters speak louder.

Shooting with strong light
Sunlight can be too strong and can make the video too bright and hard to see. Try shooting under shaded areas. In "Where's the Yard Sale?", the characters were filmed under the shade of a tree.

Step 4:

Record a small segment and check the video. Are you satisfied with the way the character looks in the shot? Is the lighting okay? Is the audio good? Because it is best to fix the scene and the shot right away, rather than filming the entire footage and realizing you need to reshoot.