There are different editing programs, but they all have the same purpose: to combine video and audio clips to create a video product. Different types of programs include Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premier, iMovie from MAC, FinalCut Pro, and several others. In this video, I demonstrate the quick and easy steps of using iMovie from MAC computers.

How to use iMovie

Step 1:

Click File, then Import.

Step 2:

Find your video clips and select the ones you want.

Step 3:

Place the clips on the timeline and cut the clips to ensure the best flow of the video.

Step 4:

Combine all the clips that you cut in the correct order you want.

Step 5:

Add music and adjust sound levels, making sure to watch the meters. The volume should not go into the top red portion of the volume meter.

Step 6:

Add titles and fonts.

Step 7:

Click File, then Export video. This creates the final video to show your friends and family!