Multi-media and online videos are rapidly increasing as more people are willing to watch videos at their own conveinence. The object of video production can vary, like making videos for news, persuasion, and entertainment. People also enjoy making videos to burn on DVD's or hard drives to use for school presentations, work, or even gifts for friends and family. This easy to use webpage will help teach you to produce a video. The navigation buttons on the left are titled "Getting Started", "Filming", and "Editing". There are also navigation links on the bottom of the page. Through this website, I will show a step-by-step process of the proper way to prepare a video shoot, how to appropriately film each scene, and how to use an editing program to combine video and audio clips to create a final video project.

Where's the Yard Sale?

We will use this video as a guide throughout the webpage. We will analyze different clips of this video to learn more about video production as we go through the steps of planning, filming, and editing.

History of Multi-Media and How it Affected Video Production:

Multi-Media has been around for a long time. The media started with the Printing Press in 1455 and after Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity in 1780, the media broadened to morse code. Later inventions after the morse code included the telephone in 1876 and the phonograph in 1879. Technology dramatically grew in the 1900's with computers and by the early 1990's, the World Wide Web was discovered. Internet became interactive and this completely changed the world, including multi-media projects. We are now living in the 2000's and video production is seen everywhere on the internet. People have become famous from making online videos and companies have created business by making video webpages. Making videos and sending them through websites have also helped family and friends keep in touch. For more information, click to visit: The History of Media

About the Author:

My name is Mai Nguyen and I am a student at the University of Florida. I have been a part of video productions throughout middle and high school, where I helped direct the daily school news and also produce various video projects for school and for enjoyment. I am now continuing my studies in Telecommunication with a focus in the Post-Production track and will be graduating with a Bachelor's degree in May 2012. I have been honored to meet and network with many students, teachers, and professors who share the same interest as me. My mentor is Denise Honey, the Television Production teacher at East Ridge High School in Florida. Ms. Honey believes that making videos is more than just pushing the record button, but actually spending time to create good content to produce a video worth watching.