picture D.I.Y, which stands for Do It Yourself, was founded on the ideas of recycling and crafting. It is a brand new organization at UF started on the Fall of 2011.

We are proud to be UF's only upcycling crafts organization that concentrates on volunteering with the community, sharing our passion for the arts and our concern for the environment with all those who wish to craft with us.

Although we are currently getting our feet wet with running a brand-new student organization, our E-board has many great plans for the future of D.I.Y. In the near future, we plan to run many different philanthropies with local crafting and upcycling companies to raise money for various charities. It is still a project in the works, but we envision D.I.Y to be around for many more years to come at the University of Florida

Here is a message from our president, Brittani Coore, about what D.I.Y is all about.