Want to get into cycling? Feel the urge to use the gym at midnight? Want to strengthen and condition while feeling part of a larger cause? UF’s RecSports offers all of these to students for free.

Get into the game

More than 600 student employees work for the Department of Recreational Sports.

To participate in an intramural sport, all you need is a valid Gator1 Card. The league sports offer everything from flag football to indoor soccer to softball to team tennis and more.

The Sports Club staff oversees the Sports Club Council (SCC), which is essentially the governing body of the Sports Clubs programs. Members of the Sports Club oversee the allocation for each club’s annual budget, funds and proposals of clubs. There is also a sports club directory that includes surfing, Tae Kwon Do, Kendo, cycling and others.


The SouthWest Recreation Center and Student Recreation and Fitness Center are the main gyms on campus.

Broward Outdoor Recreational Complex and an array of outdoor facilities and fields are available to students around campus to utilize for their activities.

The Stephen C. O'Connell Center's indoor swimming pool, track and weight room are all located in the O’Connell Center's facilities.

Tips for staying healthy

According to Fox Business, experts recommend to chose more vegetables and leaner meats when eating at dining halls, and eat small, healthy meals more frequently to prevent overeating. Experts also advise students to stay active and go the gym a few times a week. And, of course get lots of sleep.