Student Government Branches

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch has many responsibilities. Besides the offices of the president, vice president and treasurer, this section is responsible for other programs. The Executive branch can be divided into the following sections:

Legislative Branch

This branch of government oversees the Senate. The Senate is comprised of a little less than 100 Senators. Each fall and spring there is an election cycle where students are slated and run on the campaign of a political party. In the fall, students run based on their housing zip code and in the spring they run based on college.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch consists of the Supreme Court, Honor Code as well as overseeing the constitution and case rulings. The Judicial branch has been around since 1914. Students in the Honor Court help proctor exams and maintain the integrity of Student Government by seeing that students do not cheat on their exams.

This chart shows how Student Government is divided into three branches through which organizations on campus are organized.

Not a triangle fan? Here's a different Student Government Breakdown.