Who better to ask than a Vice President of Human Resources?

Michael Lovett is the Vice President of Human Resources at Bankers Insurance Company, in St. Petersburg, FL. He interviews potential employees and monitors work performance on a daily basis. I asked him specific questions about the interviewing process to see what he listens for when looking to hire new employees. Hiring employees sums up his job title. Therefore, he is an excellent source.

"Strive for Excellence rather than perfection"

-Michael Lovett
Interviewers occasionally ask you to describe your weaknesses. According to Mr. Lovett, you transform your weaknesses to positives. For instance, A positive response is, "I tend to work too hard." Here, you are telling the interviewer that you strive for excellence and can become stressed because of this weakness. In return, they will think positively of your work ethic.

"Give a situation, action, and result"

-Michel Lovett
When answering any question asked, turn it into a three-step response. For example,

"Give me an example of a time when you were working and realized a problem in time to fix it?

Here, you describe the situation you were in, the action you took to solve the problem, and the explain the result. The result is the most important part because you have the chance to tell the interviewer what you learned in the process.

"Don't bring up Salary"

-Michael Lovett

If you are in your fist interview, never bring up money, even if they ask you. In a situation where they ask what you expect in pay, you might respond, "The money isn't as important as the experience." To follow up, you should tell them to expect hard work each day. Without bringing up money, you can tell them that your hard work will be noticed, and most likely rewarded. I know it seems silly, but, it is the most effective.

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