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The suit should be a dark solid or pinstripe, preferably navy, dark brown, gray or charcoal. The pants should be hemmed to the top of the heel at the back of the shoe. The shirts should be solid white or pale blue. Avoid two-tone shirts that have a different color collar than the rest of the shirt.

Keep your ties conservative and medium-width. Avoid extra-wide ties, or thin, narrow ties. Holiday or novelty ties are not appropriate for office wear. Any pattern in your business ties should be soft and conservative, and the colors should match or softly contrast the suit color. Business socks should be calf-high and a solid color. The color should match the color of your suit pants, not the color of your shoes. Black or dark brown men's dress shoes should be worn with the suit. The shoes can be loafer style or lace-up, as long as they are conservative and well shined.

Your own appearance is as important as the appearance of your attire. Make sure you are well groomed, showered, and shaved. Your hair should be neatly styled. And no matter what you wear in your personal time, all earrings and visible piercings should be removed for work attire.

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