Dressing to impress

Congratulations, you have taken your first step to being successful. Having an impressive resume and great communication skills are extremely important when interacting with professionals. However, dressing the part can be equally as important if not more important. The way you are dressed tells your prospective employer that you are serious about the job and want to make a great first impression. It is important to know how to dress because first impressions are truly everything, when seeking a job or internship.

Traditional interviews are conducted in an office with the interviewer sitting behind a desk, asking questions. Most interviews still follow this format, however there are rear occasions when your interview may take place at a coffee shop or even at the company's annual "black-tie" charity event. Being prepared as far as knowing what to wear, in each setting, is extremely important and adds to the stress of preparing. But have no fear "Dress for Success" is here to teach you how to properly dress in any occassion and at any event.

On this site you will find exerts examples of how to dress in casual, business casual, business professional, cocktail and game day attire.