Small Business Marketing Guide

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Yellow Pages

Since 1886, the yellow page industry has provided local businesses an effective advertising medium that generates a high return on investment. Whereas television, radio and direct mail targets consumers who may or may not be interested in your type of service, yellow pages is only used when a potential customer has a need. They have often already made the decision to buy and are ready to make a connection with a business. They just need to find the one that best fits their need. By creating an informative ad with a call to action you can generate the type of leads your business needs to survive. Today the yellow pages come in many forms: traditional print, Internet yellow pages (IYPs), and mobile yellow pages.

What should the ad say?

As with most forms of advertising, your ad should have all of your forms of contact. Your ad should have a catchy headline that either asks a question or answers a question the consumer has on their mind. The rest of the ad should contain at least one image that best represents you or your services. The ad should also list your services, specialties, and credentials. Also important is information that adds to your credibility such as a testimonial or years of experience.

Yellow Page resources

Every community usually has two to three options for local yellow page directories. If you can afford to be in all of them, you should. If not, some things to consider when choosing between them are reputation, distribution, and cost. You should also weigh the strength of their online directory and mobile directories. The following are a few of the national companies that are highly regarded and provide professional advice in addition to their advertising products.


Supermedia YP

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