Small Business Marketing Guide

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Having a website is just as important to your business today as having a sign on Main Street. A website makes finding your business possible when potential consumers are shopping online. Even if you don't have items for purchase it is important to remember that consumers can often be found researching service based businesses for particluar information such as licenses, accredidations, and other things that add to their legitimacy.

What do I need on my website?

In addition to all of your contact information, services and specialties you will need to tell your story in a brief synopsis to allow your potential customer have an idea of who you are. Your site should also contain testimonials, a photo gallery showcasing you products or services, a contact form, and anything else that would facilitate them feeling comfortable enough to reach out to you. You have control of how you're representated on your site as opposed to online consumer reviews that can sometimes cast a shadow of doubt. This is your chance to really shine. Make the most of it.

Some resources for website development

There are many options when it comes to website creation. You can go the do-it-yourself route or hand over the development to a professional designer. Of course your website should look porfessional, but it is easy to get caught up in high priced bells and whistles that don't always pay off. The most important thing to keep in mind is content. The following are some choices to consider. Many others can be found by simply searching online.

Yellowbook 360 IntuitWix 123Triad

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