Small Business Marketing Guide

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Online Video

As technology has advanced so has the consumption of digital media in the form of online videos. Sites like YouTube have now made the posting, searching and watching of these videos easier than sending email in most cases. Videos can be informative, commercial-like, or even comical. Creating a video for your business can help you enhance your brand and popularity among web properties.

What do I do with my video?

Once you have created a video or a series of videos that best represent you and your brand, you can begin posting. The first place you should start with is your own website. An introductory video is best placed on your home page. Additional and more informative videos should be placed on their own page within the site. You can start posting this video on a Facebook page, share them on Twitter or even create your own channel on YouTube. The only cost involved, if any, is the software you choose to use creating the video. The easiest and most inexpensive video to start with is a slide-show video which can often be created with software already installed on most computers today.

Sample Business Video

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