Small Business Marketing Guide

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Like radio, television is an endeavor you should only consider after you have gotten your business off the ground and have enough money to do it right. As you can probably imagine a bad commercial can do more damage to your business than having no television commercial at all. But when done correctly, a television ad is a great way connect with your potential customers in a visually stimulating way.

How do I create a television ad?

If you took your time in creating your online video, you can actually repurpose it for television. Even Google has a television ad program that help you get your start in both creation and placement. However, if your budget will allow, you should consider having this produced by a professional studio. This will ensure that your commercial has a better chance of being of the type of quality that HD television calls for today. It will also give you a better chance of creating a consistent image that will assist in your brand and message development.

Some resources for advice on TV ad creation

Google TV Ads

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