Small Business Marketing Guide

**This area will be kept open for small ads to appear. I will sign up for Google's Adwords extended network which is where Pay-Per-Click ads appear when they are placed somewhere other than on Google's search results page.**



Once you've started to establish your business in the community and you have some money set aside for a larger marketing budget you may want to consider doing some radio advertising. This dynamic medium offers the ability for you to choose targeted audiences. With a well-crafted message and an appropriate amount invested in airtime you can create a radio campaign that will get your business some much needed exposure.

How do I create a radio ad?

Many stations have the resources you will need to create an effective program to promote your brand. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on an advertising agency to create something for you. The key in radio is to relate to the most amount of people in a few seconds. Take a look at the current popular culture or events and find a clever way to incorporate that into your message. You don't even have to reinvent the wheel or be an overly creative person. You can often find inspiration by searching online for local radio ads from other markets around the country.

Some resources for advice on radio ad creation

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