Small Business Marketing Guide

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Some of the best source of leads for your business is word of mouth. Having happy customers talk about your business can be a very effective way of getting your phone to ring, but as you are the best advocate for your own business it is your responsibility to get the word out to others yourself. This can also ensure that the most accurate information is being relayed. Networking gives you the opportunity to not only talk about your business but learn about other entrepreneurs' businesses. This will make you a great source of referrals for them and vice versa.

Does all networking have to be in person?

In today's marketplace you now have the opportunity to network online in addition to traditional methods. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all offer the ability to connect with people from the comfort of your living room. By joining various networking groups you will have the opportunity to get plugged into the community of local business owners and learn what other methods they are using to generate new leads for their business.

Resources for networking groups

Networking groups come in all different shapes and sizes often depending on your geographic location. You can usually find out about local networking groups by contacting the chamber of commerce in your area. Incidentally, most chambers of commerce, themselves, are an excellent opportunity for networking. Many offer weekly and monthly events that are great for getting your business card in the hands of others. You may even get the chance to sponsor one of these events which may allow for you to have your marketing collateral dispersed among the attendees as well as having your logo on event flyers and programs.

Other networking groups can be found by using search engines. But be careful not to overextend yourself by joining too many groups. This will not only end up costing you a lot of enrollment fees, but will also prevent you from fully investing yourself into any one of them. The key to productive networking is to join groups that are the best fit for your business and then making your presence known!

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