Small Business Marketing Guide

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Direct Mail

Direct mail is one sure way to get your business information inside someone's home when they are often not as closed off to advertising and sales messages. That being said, direct mail has one of the lowest response rates of most advertising mediums because of inundation consumers face. This leaves many of them with little choice but to discard the whole mess the moment they leave their mailbox. However, the main advantage of direct mail is that you can often get very specific with who your target market is and only solicit people who fall into that category. When done effectively, direct mail can actually be quite cost effective.

How do I get their attention?

The easiest answer to this question already lies within yourself. Which direct mail typically gets your attention? Is it one with attractive photos? Is it the size of the card? Maybe it's the free gift or great discount being offered? Or perhaps it's the second or third time you have received the particular correspondance?

The key is to focus on all of these! You want to take this chance to make the most of your direct mail strategy!

Resources for direct mail

Like business cards, direct mail does not have to be overwhelmingly expensive. However, you want to make sure that the quality and frequency of card distribution is relative to the type of service being offered. For instance, if you were looking to get a new roof put on your home, which usually costs thousands of dollars, would you consider the business that sent you a flimsy card with a very generic design on it? Probably not. The following are just a few resurces for direct mail products:



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