Tip 1

Baretto said the one thing he thinks employers are really looking for are new employees that will be leaders. Employers really care about leadership, he said. They want to hire leaders. So he recommends stressing any leaderships roles you may have had and being prepared to discuss them.

Tip 2

Enthusiasm during the interview is key and can go a long way, Barreto said. Employers love to see that you have a hunger for the job you are applying for. If you can show an employer that you are excited and have a good attitude during the interview, they are more likely to remember you when reviewing applicants. Attitude sometimes really can help determine altitude.

Tip 3

Another good thing to do when preparing is to think of questions you might want to ask at the end of the interview. Many times after the interview, your interviewer will ask if you have any questions for them. Barreto stressed that it is very important to prepare for this part of the interview. Employers are impressed when you ask them thoughtful questions that are specific to them.

Keys to success

It is no secret that the job market today is extremely competitive. Even if you graduate from a respected university, it does not gauruntee that you will easily become employed. The interview process when applying for a job is extremely important. If you are unprepared, it could hurt your chances of getting the job. The competition is fierce. If you do not do your homework, it will be your loss.

Daniel Barreto For students at the University of Florida, the Career Resource Center is a useful resource. The CRC helps students in their search for jobs and internships. They provide many services, such as resume critiques and mock interviews.

Daniel Barreto, a senior majoring in industrial engineering, works as a Career Ambassador in the CRC and is pictured on the right. He said that one of the best ways to ensure success in an interview is to prepare. Preparation before the interview will not only help to ease anxiety, but it also gives you a better chance to impress your interviewer.

In order to prepare for your interview well, Barreto recommends researching the company you are interviewing with. You should explore their website and find out as much about the company as you possibly can. In order to excell in the interview, he said you should really know the company you are applying with.

Another good way to prepare for your interview is to think about what you have done previously. If you have held an internship or a leadership position, be ready to talk about it. You should also think about examples from previous experiences that you can use during your interview. A good technique to use when preparing is the STAR Method, Barreto said. He explains the STAR Method in the video below.