The Hand That Feeds Multitracks

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Multitrack Methodology is designed to show interested individuals the process through which singular audio files are mixed into a multitrack to become a song. This method is used both locally and internationally, from underground artists to established and recognized musicians throughout the world.

Created in partnership with Gainesville-based music act Aeon Divide, this website will show you how they create their music, features voices from other local artists, and shows how similar the methods used by these artists and professional musicians are.

We welcome you to tour our site and to find further information about how music is being made this way by visiting our Links section. Inside you will find outside websites where you can download multitracks from popular songs to make your own remixes, free song samplers from popular musical acts, and more information on how you can get starting making music.

For more information on Aeon Divide and its affiliate local musicians of Gainesville, follow the Information link below.

All Tutorials and descriptions utilize Apple products, such as GarageBand and Logic. For PC users, there are links on software and tutorials in the Links section below.