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Ah, to start tuning. What items will you need to embark on this bold endeavor? To start, you'll need a drum key, a drum stick, the drum you want to tune and your ears.

Drum Key

The drum key is a special tool drummers use, and is perhaps the most important tool a drummer has aside from his or her limbs. Yes, perhaps even more important than sticks. At least if your drum is tuned well you can use your hands to play them a la John Bonham. The drum key is a metal key used for turning the rounded-square lugs of the drum. All drum lugs are made to be turned with a drum key. Remember, when you turn the key: righty-tighty, lefty-loosy.

Drum Key

Drum Stick

You need a drumstick simply for striking the drum as you tune. Any drum stick will you do; you don't need a special one.

Your Ears

You're probably wondering why this is listed. But, to tune a drum properly you need to be able to identify the pitches you hear when you hit different points on the head. So if you hear a higher tone when you tap near one lug and a lower tone at another lug, you need to either raise or lower one of the lugs so the tones match. That's part of the fine tuning process. So make sure you've got a sharp pair of ears, or a friend who does.