Materials for Flan Con Caramelo

image of materials
  • A. A big pot
  • B. Small containers (Glass would be better)
  • C. Two eggs (only egg yolk)
  • D. Royal : Flan with caramel sauce (from Publix:156g)
  • E. Grade A Whole MILK (from Publix:946ml)


picture of Royal

(1) In the box of Royal,there are two bags: A. Caramel souce and B. Pudding powder

picture of caramel sauce pouring

(2) Take the bag A, which is the caramel sauce packet, and distribute the sauce evenly into the small containers.

picture of ggs yolks, milk, and flan powder

(3) Take bag B, which is flan powder and pour it into a big container. Mix it with the bottle of milk and the two egg yolks.

mixing eggs, milk, and flan powder

(4) Keep stirring until the mixture is smooth.

prepare a pan with a filter

(5) Prepare a pan with a strainer. Keep stirring the mixture.

pour the mixture in the pan

(6)Pour the mixture into the pot. By using the strainer, you can ensure that the dessert taste smooth.

cook it

(7) Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture comes to a little bubbling boil.

pour into prepared containers with caramel souce

(8) Remove from heat and slowly pour the mexture into prepared containers with the caramel sauce.

set it aside

(9) Set it aside to cool it down. The mixture will thicken as it cools. After cooling it for 30 minutes, I prefer putting it in a refrigerator for two hours.


(10) After taking it out of the refrigerator, gently flip the dessert over on a plate. Decorate it with anything you like.