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Importance of Doing Research

Research is a key part of conducting a needs analysis. Before an account executive makes a consultancy call to a client, he or she must take the time to learn what he or she can about the prospective client's business. This includes referring to any possible sources to learn about the client's operation and the industry in which they participate.

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Online Industry Sources

The first source that needs to be referred to is the company's website and other industry information that can be found online. This includes a variety of sites that provide information on the broadcast industry such as Nielsen and the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB). The TVB website is particularly useful since it provides information about how to sell to dealers in such retail fields as auto and furniture.

Other Media Sources

A second source is that of other advertisements which can be found in either print publications or seen or heard on television or radio. These other ads give the salesperson an idea as to what products that prospective client is especially interested in promoting. In addition, the account executive will become aware of any current sales that the prospect is having.

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