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Why Psychology Matters

Selling of any kind includes a good deal of psychology. An account executive is better at needs analysis if he or she identifies the complex motivations that cause people to buy.

Sales psychology is based on the idea that needs are learned and can be set off externally. Good sellers develop an eye for clues that tell them how to react. For instance, photos of the prospect and important people illustrate a need for recognition. On the other hand, a clean desk indicates a need for order. Other types of prospect needs are dominance, understanding, and achievement.

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Ken Greenwood, CEO of Greenwood Performance Systems, teaches the "Social Style" concept. The styles fall into four quadrants based on the dimensions of assertiveness and responsiveness.

The assertiveness dimension is based on a person's propensity of "asking" versus "telling" in their interactions with others. The responsiveness dimension is centered upon whether a person is task or people- oriented. The four quadrants represent four distinct personality types: analytical, driver, amiable, and expressive. It is paramount that an account executive be able to quickly identify the dimension in which their prospect falls in order to properly tailor their selling tactics.

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