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Presenting the Station

Although the primary focus of the needs analysis is to gather information about the client, it is necessary to review some of the basics of the station. There are a few pieces of information that the television account executive needs to share with the prospect. The information includes the following:

1. Coverage Area Map

The Coverage Area Map is a map of a station's viewing area. The map includes the local area in which residents are able to receive a signal over-the-air. An over-the-air signal is one that uses radio waves and is received by viewers using a rooftop antenna. A circular line designates the reach of these radio waves.

Photo of Me Presenting Basic Information to the Prospect

2. Cable Systems Listing

A Cable Systems Listing is a listing of all of the area cable systems which carry a television station. It includes the channel number of the station on each individual system.

3. Program Schedule

A Program Schedule is a lineup of a station's programming throughout the week. It includes the programs that air each hour of the day starting at 6am and running through 2am.

4. Programming Promotional Pieces

These onesheets discuss the value of particular programs to an advertiser. They usually contain the program's local and/or national ratings performance over a period of time. Frequently, the stars of various shows are included as well as colorful graphics to help the sales department communicate the "sizzle" of the program.

5. Any Current Advertising Packages

These are sales pieces that are often used to entice thoseprospective advertisers to buy commercial time on the station that have previously been hesitant. These packages are frequently tied to seasonal events (such as holiday shopping) or centered around special programming. Examples of these special events are major sporting events, like the Superbowl, or entertainment awards programs such as the Academy Awards.

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