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What is a Needs Analysis?

A major stage in the television advertising sales process is the determination of a client's unique advertising needs. In order to do this, the salesperson must gather as much information as he or she can of the prospective client's business. When this is completed properly, an advertising solution can be arrived at that will be profitable both for the salesperson and the customer.

Goals of the Needs Analysis

Here are the goals for your initial meeting:

  1. Establish rapport
  2. Build trust
  3. Discover opportunities
  4. Assess opportunities
  5. Measure expectations
  6. Develop a partership
  7. Arrange for a presentation

Resources Useful for a Needs Analysis

Salespeople have two resources for conducting a needs analysis:

The success of the salesperson is related to his or her understanding of a client's product, service, and customers. A prospect will view a salesperson as a true professional when he or she has taken the time to learn about a prospect's business and industry prior to calling on their business.

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