Who are the vendors?

The modern day newsies who sell street papers come from all backgrounds.

One of the biggest misconceptions of homelessness is the stereotype of the middle-aged alcoholic man begging for more money to buy liquor.

This is wrong.

Vendors are veterans, family members, drug abusers, battered women. They are high school dropouts and college graduates. Some pick up their children from school after they finish selling for the day, only to go home to a shelter or a friend's couch.

belkosky plays street soccer

What they all have in common is that they are trying to make a living. Street papers give vendors a sense of self-worth and the promise that everything could get better.

Meet Kenneth Belkosky

Kenneth (pictured on right) has been selling Street Sense in Washington, D.C. for years and also writes columns for the paper often.

He stops by the Street Sense office often to catch up with the staff. He always has a giant grin on his face.

Along with selling the paper, Belkosky enjoys playing Street Soccer.